It’s almost Festival Barber time


Spaghettis are an Italian brand of salons and barbering academies, and we’re also really proud to have them as official Neocape ambassadors. They’re also the organisers behind Festival Barber, an upcoming event with workshops, presentations and demos from some leading barbers on the scene including the likes of John Carmona (Titan Barber) and Josh Lamonaca.


The next Festival Barber is taking place 17th – 18th November in Turin.  The Sunday (17th) will focus on the educational aspect of the two-day event, with a specific focus on training and educational talks from some of the leading lights of barbering. There is a dedicated classroom at the venue and the various talks and educational sessions require booking. Contact Spaghettis if you’d like to book on The following day (18th) will focus more on demonstrations and exhibitions, including a live ‘catwalk’ to show off some cool cuts.

Neocape are official sponsors of the Festival Barber event and as well as our Spaghettis branded Neocape gowns being used during demonstrations and talks on stage, our gowns will also be available to buy for the attendees.


If you’re based in Italy, make sure you contact Spaghettis about attending. For more information, visit the website or the Festival Barber Instagram.