Neocape Collar User Instructions

The Neocape’s unique feature is the neoprene neck seal, which prevents hair and liquid going down the customer’s neck, leading to a far more comfortable experience.

Whilst the neoprene is pretty tough and hard wearing, it does need to be looked after to ensure it always performs at its best.

Handle with Care

When undoing the poppers, don’t pull them roughly apart. Place one hand next to the popper on the collar, and gently pull the tab with the other hand.

Avoid Cutting the Neoprene Collar

If you accidentally cut or nick the neoprene with your scissors, it will then be prone to tearing. There is a way to save this if you’re careful.

If you have cut it like in the above picture, you can do the following.

Draw a gentle curve over the nick.

Cut out the curve, don’t try to do this without marking the curve first, it’s tricky to do it free hand.

This will now prevent the neoprene from splitting and will still form a good seal against your customer’s neck.

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