Man wearing Fab Hair Friction NeoCape

We had a great time at the Pro Hair Live show in Manchester on 25-26th February. We love to get out and demonstrate our products to as many people as possible – and this event is a wonderful way to do just that! The show was full of enthusiastic barbers that were keen to hear more about Neocape.


We particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to have some fantastic young talent showing their skills on our stand. We worked with brilliant, talented and established barbers such as Yucel, H Bella Barbers, Alison Brightwell, Ross Carter and many, many more. 


 matt woods having a trim

Matt Woods of Neocape said about the show “These shows are some of the few times we get out to spend time with barbers and hairdressers. It’s a great opportunity to get vital feedback to continue to improve our gowns.”


Neocape shared the space with FAB Hair Friction, a premium hair tonic brand. Working with a complimentary comnpany like FAB opens many doors that otherwise we might not have available. 


Thanks to Bernice from FAB Hair Friction for the pics!