We’re a well-established British manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in our ways. Far from it – we constantly strive to develop and innovate our products so they continue to be the best.

A great example of this is our kids unigown. We had lots of requests from you guys to offer the gowns in children’s sizes, so we’ve listened and created a shorter length, smaller neck cape. It comes in two colours – classic black and a bright amber. And, of course, they all come with our Neocape Hairstop technology, stopping hair and liquid going down the necks of little ones, to ensure their time in the chair is as comfortable as possible.



Our printing service means we can embellish the smart-looking capes with your logo too, perfect for sharing that snap on Instagram. For further information on printing, please contact us.

Feedback is essential and we love to hear from our customers, so they can pass on the great experience of our gowns on to their customers, however small!


First image from @kaisbarbershop: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY3ZNr5nnxI/?taken-by=kaisbarbershop

Second image from @bettyboothebarber: https://www.instagram.com/p/Be57Q7kh9C2/?tagged=neocape