Are you a beard or moustache man?

The key to looking dapper no matter what life throws at you, is exceptional grooming. Whether you want to sport a full beard, experiment with shaping that beard into a goatee, or opt for the classic moustache, aim to find the right barber who can help you keep fresh and always looking your best. Let’s explore the different facial hair options to help you find the best one for you!


Full beards


Beards have been around since humans first walked the earth (and razors didn’t exist!). More recently, beards have become very on trend. They also mean less shaving in the mornings. As long as you do regular maintenance to keep the beard in shape, it shouldn’t need tending to on a daily basis. And what’s more, a beard can block UV rays, protecting the skin from sun damage and slowing down the ageing process. Bonus!


Shaped, smaller beards


If you struggle (or are not patient enough!) to grow a full beard, shaped facial hair or a goatee might be the option for you. They can be worn a bit more rugged and messy, depending on the style, which can mean less maintenance time and more time to go about your day! They’ve been sported by the likes of Brad Pitt, Idris Elba and George Clooney. So if they’re cool enough for them, we’ll happily get on board!




A moustache is probably the easiest way to make a big statement, as they’re a lot less common than they once were. Thanks to initiatives like Movember, lots of men experiment with a moustache, but only a brave few maintain one all year round! Moustaches take some maintenance too, so make sure you’re committed to upkeep otherwise your ‘tache might start to look a bit straggly. On the plus side, some people claim that a mo’ keeps microscopic allergens out of your nose, meaning reduced side-effects of hay fever and other allergies.


So which style do you currently rock, and are you tempted to try one of the others? We’d love to see your style, tag us in a pic on Instagram @neocape!