A reopening guide for hair salons and barbershops

The National Hair and Beauty Federation is the UK’s largest trade association for hairdressing and barbershop owners. They are a not-for-profit organisation that offers help and advice to business owners.


Throughout the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, the NHBF has provided invaluable advice and recommendations for the hair and beauty industry. Its latest publication, “Back To Business”, is a guide to reopening salons and shops following lockdown, based on the government’s most recent guidelines and offers recommendations on how to maintain social distancing and safe hygiene practices in salons and barbershops. The guide will be updated in line with any changes to government guidelines.


The in-depth guide is broken down into sections on how to prepare prior to re-opening; health and safety guidelines when reopened; how to handle home appointments; and further details on financial aspects, as well as information for chair renters and employment law.


The advice will undoubtedly assist in the effort to help the hair and beauty industry recover from the pandemic and get back on track. It also provides both employees and salon owners with clarity on how to prepare and move forward.


View the full guide on the NHBF website here, available for free.