Preparing to re-open your doors

As we know, many salons and barbershops are re-opening to customers this month. After lockdown, there are many things business owners need to do to prepare. Last month, we discussed the full guide provided by the NHBF to assist the hair and beauty industry as things start to go back to normal.


What about staying safe once doors are open? Luckily, our friends at Fab Hair Care have been busy behind the scenes to produce a range of anti-bacterial products to sanitise work places in the industry.


FAB’s hand sanitiser is made in the UK, contains tea tree oil to help your hands and is cruelty free. Importantly, it is 70% alcohol, meaning it will kill bacteria and keep staff and customers safe. The product is available in three different sizes: 5 litres, 500ml or 240ml.


FAB are also offering ‘back to work’ offers on hand sanitiser and their well-known seven tonics, with a delicate blend of essential oils.


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