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Since early July when hairdressers and barber shops reopened with extra safety measures, we’ve seen plenty of our customers open their doors to very excited clientele. The ongoing coronavirus situation and government guidance is constantly being reviewed to ensure salon staff and visitors stay safe and healthy. But there are plenty of things you can continue to do to help the effort.


NHS Test and Trace

To support the NHS test-and-trace system and help keep customers and staff safe, salon and barber shop owners are required to keep a temporary record of all clients and visitors for 21 days. You can find more details on how the rules regarding test and trace work in England via the NHBF website. Similarly, having an appointment only set-up, rather than allowing walk-ins, makes it easier to keep track of customers should you need to contact them following staff or a customer testing positive for Covid-19.


Face masks and visors

Reusable face masks, such as our Neocape pinstripe masks, are a smart and sensible addition to your kit. The masks are made using water-resistant polyester and can be washed at 60°C. Each mask comes with guidance on how to use them correctly and safely. Read more about our masks here.


Protective screens

Some companies are implementing two-metre high Perspex screens between cutting stations, in order to separate customers from each other, as well as around the reception area. Also, check out our blog post about a new range of anti-bacterial products for barbers here.


Contactless payments

The minimum amount for contactless payments is now £45. Where possible, using contactless card payments is a good idea to reduce contact between staff and customers. It is also important to have hand sanitiser near reception for people to use as they enter the salon and as they leave. Companies like Sum Up and iZettle are a good place to find credit card readers.


These are just some things to consider that will help give peace of mind to both your employees and your customers. What else are you doing in your salon? We’d love to hear from you!