Taming a beard


Image credit: hectic_cutz on Instagram


You may have noticed that facial hair is having a bit of a moment. Not just in the US, but all over the globe, facial fuzz is one of the popular trends in men’s grooming. So how to grow a big beard, without looking like Hagrid? Here are some products that should be in every barber’s, and every beard-lover’s, grooming kit.


Beard oil

A good beard oil can make the difference between a dry facial forest and a healthy, moisturized look. There are plenty of good oils out there, and just a few drops are all you need to keep your beard looking on point. Stubble and Stache’s premium beard oil is an all-natural powerhouse.




Beard balm

Balms are great to help condition and soften the hairs, while also helping to wrangle the wayward ones into place. Warm the balm in your fingers before applying and then evenly distribute throughout the beard with a comb or the palms of your hands. We love this one from Brooklyn Grooming.




Ongoing maintenance

Last but certainly not least, is the all-important ongoing maintenance! That beard ain’t gonna maintain itself. A good routine is essential, so keep a brush or comb to hand to guide your beard into a good shape between trims. A little commitment and care will go a long way to taming your facial fuzz!



image credit: gilbertthearchitect on Instagram