One of the worse thing about a hair cut has to be hair splinters.

 Despite that fact, an army of hairdressers and barbers go to work every day to groom and style countless heads knowing they will have to battle an almost microscopic enemy; a swarm of tiny shards of pain.

 Each morning they know they will inevitably suffer a hair splinter or two before the day is out, but these guys are professionals. They are trained to deal with the stubbly menace and, to them, the distress caused by the needle-like hair offcuts is greatly outweighed by the joy of grooming others. However, sometimes the unsuspecting head owner (also known as the client) can also suffer a painful hair splinter injury. On occasions the pesky little tormentors wriggle their way under the collar and beneath the skin and here at NeoCape we know only too well how much irritation that can cause.

That’s why our neoprene seal is a must.

 Creating a snug, comfortable seal around the neck, even the most audacious hair splinter would have a job getting under the collar to carry out its dirty work. Being wrapped in a NeoCape is like being surrounded by a shield. The NeoCape force-field repels hair splinters effortlessly meaning a comfortable experience is guaranteed.

 Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

Blood sweat and hair splinters