At NeoCape we understand the strength of your animal magnetism. We can feel it drawing us towards you and we think it’s time you made the most of it.

 So head over to the barbers or the salon, have them wrap a NeoCape around you and let them use your tresses to channel your inner wildness.

Before you start beating your chest like a silverback, maybe we should provide you with a few other more stylish animal options, because let’s face it, no one has ever taken style inspiration from a gorilla.

 Ditch the primate line of thinking completely and think more lion/lioness. Channel that unruly mane and that steely glare and see how good it makes you feel.

NeoCape Maine GoalsBut if that unkempt look isn’t really for you, maybe channel your inner peacock. Strut around with your head held high and your feathers on display knowing that no one even comes close to matching your style.

Neocape Show Off

Peacocks are undeniably beautiful but their obvious ‘in yer face’ good looks aren’t for everyone. Some people are beautiful in a more self-assured, fierce way… think tiger. If the tiger is your inner animal, then use them as the perfect inspiration for your new hair colour and rock that wild stripe in a way only true tigers can.

Neocape Highlight Goals

Some people are more sensitive, and therefore need to connect to a more domesticated breed. A breed that appreciates poetry and abstract art, a gentle animal that cares about world issues and veganism and renewable energy. An animal who knows a floppy fringe is the best symbol of self-expression… that animal is, of course, the highland cow.

Neocape Fringe Goals

We hope this has provided you with some inspiration. Now go out there, have fun, look good and be wild!