How to deal with Hair problems

At NeoCape we know that if you have hair on your head it will at some point cause you a problem. Admittedly these problems are small, but they are problems nonetheless and should not be ignored.


Here’s our advice for dealing with the most common hair issues that might not ruin your life, but will certainly put a downer on your day if they aren’t dealt with correctly.


  1. Hair getting stuck in your lip gloss

lip gloss hair

You’ve had your hair done and you’re feeling good. Today would be a good day to bump into any of your enemies because you are looking mighty fine. You put on your favourite lip gloss and step out into the street with your head held high and confidence dripping from your every pore.

Then the wind blows.

And oh.

Your hair is stuck firmly to your lips… leaving a red tinge to your fresh blonde highlights and big red stripes over your cheek as you pull each strand from the sticky flypaper otherwise known as your lips.


Here’s our advice: nature gave you ears not to hear, but to tuck your hair behind. So as soon as you feel the breeze pick up, quickly push your hair off your face and safely out the way behind your ears. Problem solved.



  1. Rain

rain hair

You can guarantee that as soon as you step out into the elements with your hair styled to perfection, it will rain.

The evil clouds watch you in the bathroom mirror perfecting your style one strand at a time. They wait until you step from your front door without a coat or an umbrella and they relish the moment they unleash their raindrops on your hair, ruining your creation and probably your night.


Don’t let the clouds win. Hide your umbrella somewhere they can’t see it and whip it out defiantly when they start to play their dirty tricks. You can’t outsmart us clouds.


  1. Hat hair

hat hair

February is hat season. That means you plan your hat to match your outfit, you leave out just the right amount of hair to frame your face and you even take a few selfies, because you know hats really work for you. They are multi-purpose; not only do they make you look good, they also keep your head warm!! Hats are brilliant…until you arrive somewhere and have to go inside. You know that if you leave your hat on you will be breaking all the rules of social etiquette, but, if you remove the hat, your whole look will fall apart. Everyone will see the flat, misshapen mess that is the hair on your head. The image will be burned into their memory for all eternity. Every time they think of you they will see your bad hat hair. So what do you do?


Our advice is to keep your hat on. Plan to remain outside for an entire day if necessary. Meet your friends in the park, plan coffee shop meetings and sit at outside tables and keep that head warm and hair hidden. And if you need to go inside?  Just don’t.