Yes, it’s true, trends come and go, and we’re not for one minute suggesting you jump on any bandwagon. But sometimes there’s no greater experience than a visit to the barbers, with plush seats, hot towels and some craft beers to boot. Be daring and choose a less conventional look next time you go to your trusted hairdresser. Here’s some inspiration for your next trip, with some of the biggest trends in men’s hair this summer. Which look will you try?



Textured top


The easy way to be a little bit punk, the textured top hair cut gives you the best of both worlds. With about three inches of length on top, style it upwards but leave it with a messy ‘just rolled out of bed’ kind of look for immediate cool points. This look is great to grow out a shorter cut in style.

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Slicked back

The preppy, short back and side styles that have dominated for so long might just start to fall from the top spot. Expect to see more long locks this season, using lots of product to get that greased back cool look. This ‘do is masculine and edgy, not over styled and primped.

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Bleached out

This is a look for the bold and fashion forward. Bleached crops have been appearing on celebrities since about 2017, but they’ve now started to make their way into the mainstream. If you’re daring enough to find out if blondes really do have more fun, make sure you get a hairdresser to do the dye job for you! And make sure you invest in some purple shampoo.

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Marine buzz cut


This look is by far the least time-intensive –perfect if you’re always running late in the morning thanks to preening your locks. Any barber worth their salt will be able to create this simple and classic look. Just remember, you’ll need to book back in in a couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh.

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