St. Nelly-Sade is a Ugandan rapper who has performed on both national and international stages. In addition to his music career, St. Nelly-Sade is the founder of Buildout Foundation. The purpose of this organisation is to improve the lives of children in Uganda, through free haircuts, improving personal hygiene and building young people’s self-esteem.

Here at Neocape, we’re proud to support the amazing work of the foundation by providing our gowns so they can continue to help the community.

Neocape classroom

In slum communities like Naguru Kikubamutwe, Kamwokya and Makindye, a haircut is an essential for children who want to attend school. But in a community where access to basic necessities is limited, many children are sent home from school on condition that they return with a clean-shaven head. Many schools enforce a rule that hair cannot be longer than one inch. But haircuts can be expensive, and this is how the work of the Buildout Foundation is helping.

St-Nelly Sade teamed up with a group of beat-boxers to provide a solution. The Buildout Foundation spend their weekends in town, armed with clippers to give free haircuts and beat boxing lessons to the children.

You can see our capes, and learn more about the work of the Buildout Foundation, as they were recently featured on a news programme on NBS TV in October. Watch the feature here.