Have you seen our latest collaboration? We recently unveiled these camouflage patterned gowns, which are the result of working with the incredible people over at Armour to Barber.




Armour to Barber is a non-profit organisation that helps serving and ex-service personnel become barbers. Founded by a former serviceman, Liam Hamilton, the organisation aims to provide life opportunities after serving in the armed forces. The team works with men and women to gain work experience in approved barbershops throughout the UK. It also provides information on charities that can help with funding for training.


The capes are a great way of helping a wonderful cause. They are a limited edition, with just 100 available to buy. They come in two different colours, ‘jungle’ and ‘desert’ and cost £35. For more information about what Armour to Barber do, or to offer your shop for work experience, contact them via their website http://www.armourtobarber.uk/get-involved/