Considering a career in barbering? There are plenty of reasons to think about getting into the hairdressing and barbering industries, some of which we’ve rounded up below. If you’re already in the industry, what do you consider to be the main benefits? Let us know if you think there are any we’ve not included!


  • Creativity
    • If you’re considering a career in men’s grooming, the chances are you’re an artistic person. Barbering allows individuals a platform and outlet to show their creative flair. We see some incredibly unusual and original hair styles working in this industry.


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  • Be your own boss
    • Once you’ve gone through your training, there are many different ways your working life can look. You might choose to work for someone else – or there are numerous self-employment routes to go down. Maybe you could rent a chair in a local salon, become a mobile barber, or even set up your own salon? You can really create a lifestyle that suits you.


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  • Sociable
    • As well as offering flexibility and an outlet for your creative side, being a barber is really all about interacting with people. The key to great barbering is listening to and understanding your customer – as well as just having a good rapport with them, so they enjoy their time in the chair! Being a people person is a great foundation for being a great barber. At the end of the day, working in men’s grooming is about providing a good service for people to make them want to return.


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