Life pre-Neocape was tough. You would pop into the barbers on your lunch break for a quick trim. You’d leave looking sharp and feeling dapper… until the ‘itch’ sets in.

 The itch would start at the base of your neck before spreading along your collar line. Before you knew it, your whole body would be writhing with itchiness thanks to those tiny prickly off-cuts of your own hair.  How could something that usually sits on top of your head minding its own business suddenly cause so much discomfort?

 You couldn’t go home for a shower – there wasn’t time. So instead, you would try wiping yourself with a wet paper towel, which somehow made it worse. Standing under the warm blow of a hand drier with the nozzle pointing directly down the back of your shirt would provide some respite, but then, thanks to the arrival of those modern airblade hand driers, you could no longer get the right angle.

 You would try to ignore the sensation; especially if you were in an important meeting. But sometimes it would become too much. No man could withstand it for long. You would end up wailing in frustration as your arms contorted into unusual positions to reach that itch. You would rub yourself on any rough surface like a bear at a scratching post, whilst at the same time regretting that quick barber shop trip.

 Yep, life before Neocape was tough alright. But now thanks to our comfy neoprene seal future generations will never need to experience the discomfort of those pesky little hairs all over their body ever again.


The kids of today don’t know how easy they’ve got it.