At NeoCape we know a good product when we see one, which is why we love Fab Hair Friction Tonics.

The barber scene has undergone a traditional revival of late. Male grooming is well and truly ‘in’ once more and barbers are more skilled and passionate about their trade than ever before.

 Armed with their blade of choice, a NeoCape and a bottle of FAB they transform mere men into gentlemen on a daily basis.

 Hair tonics are an old-school styling product that make hair glossier and more pliable. As a premium brand, Fab has reinvented hair tonics for the modern man, with a range of scents and blends you will love.

 Designed to stimulate and refresh from the moment you open the bottle, Fab Hair Tonics will awaken your follicles, tame your hair, and make it easier to style… oh and they smell great too.

 So next time you sit down in the barber’s chair and he wraps you in a NeoCape, if you spot a bottle of Fab on the shelf you know this is going to be the hair cut you’ve been waiting for all your life.Fab hair products