Think of that amazing feeling you get when you have a new haircut.

It’s great isn’t it?

 You feel like your best version of yourself and ready to face any new challenges coming your way. If it’s surprising what a fresh haircut can do for your self-esteem, just imagine what it can do for a homeless person.

 That’s why when Haircuts4Homeless asked us to provide them with gowns for their fantastic project, we jumped at the chance.

 Set up by veteran hairdresser Stewart Roberts, Haircuts4Homeless encourage skilled hairdressers to give their time free of charge to offer haircuts for homeless people.

 Homeless people have many challenges to face, and although a haircut can give them a much needed boost, it’s not a luxury many can afford. That’s why the Haircuts4Homeless scheme has proved to be so popular.



What they offer is way more than “just a haircut” which is why, when we see their work popping up on our Instagram and Facebook feed, it makes us feel proud to be part of it. It’s a great example of the good we can achieve if we all work together, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for making our society a better place.


Check them out and show your support here: