There’s a theory going round that we are superheroes.


Here at NeoCape HQ we can neither confirm nor deny allegations at this stage, but what we can say is this:


We like capes

As most of you are aware, superheroes also like capes.




Another piece of evidence that we are indeed ‘super’ is that our capes are a bit extra. They aren’t run of the mill. They are fancy, with a comfortable neoprene collar that seals to the neck. Yes, this seal prevents irritating offcuts of hair finding their way beneath the collar, but it is also kryptonite proof… apparently. We might sell them to you as out of this world barbering capes… but what if they really are superhero capes with bad-guy deterrents and crime fighting gadgetry stitched into the seams?


There’s only one way to find out, buy a NeoCape for yourself and see why all these ‘rumours’ started.


So in conclusion, although we are not at liberty to divulge our true identity, we can tell you that if superheroes did make a cape, it would most definitely be a NeoCape.

We’ll leave you with this thought; no one has ever seen NeoCape and Batman in the same place at the same time…. Have you ever stopped to think why that might be?