We are often asked about different colours or designs for our Neocapes. We have researched long and hard into what you guys want and the answer is simple; you want something that looks good in your chair but, most importantly, you want something that does what it’s supposed to do. That’s why we have selected fabrics that not only perform to our high standards, but also come in colours that fit with your branding and look good on your promotional photographs.




Classic and sophisticated, our original black gown will never disappoint. Sleek and simple, it lets you do what you do best while keeping your clients comfortable.




Our White Neocapes are light reflecting for great photographic opportunities. Their modern, clean and bright finish draws attention to your work. Keep those off cuts dusted off to keep it looking fresh and picture perfect cut after cut.




For the gentlemanly sophistication that many of you demand, our pinstripe gowns have enough dapperness for even the most hipster clients.




For kids we have black or yellow gowns because why should they miss out on the Neocape action? The little ones deserve the best too!


All our designs look great printed with your logos and we love seeing photos of your branded Neocapes on Instagram, so keep sharing them with us.


Got another colour or design you’d love to see? Tell us! You never know, you may inspire us…