New Year, New Haircut, New You?

We’re not just at the start of a new year, we’re also at the start of a new decade. The turn from 2019 to 2020 might have inspired you to make some new years resolutions, or maybe even new decade resolutions – but what about a new look? How long has it been since you changed up your look? It might be time for a change and according to research, a new ‘do can be a great way to boost your confidence.



Embrace change

We’re not suggesting a complete overhaul, we think you’re perfect as you are! But a change might be just that kick start you need if you’re feeling stuck in a rut.

Have you grown out a big bushy beard? Maybe try being clean shaven for a while, or just try a shorter style? If you’re feeling bolder, why not try a moustache or some other trendy facial hair? If your hair has always been a short back and sides style, why not consider growing it out and seeing whether you like a more relaxed look? Visit this page to see how to choose the right haircut.

Short-term commitment

The great thing about experimenting with new hair cuts and facial hair is that there is no need to stick with that look forever – hair and beards will always grow back! The important thing to do is to choose a good barber. If you’ve built up a strong rapport with your barber over the years, you’ll have good communication that means you can clearly explain what you want, and they’ll respect your wishes! We would recommend taking images along for inspiration as to what it is you want. That way you can advise your barber accordingly and everyone is happy. You can find some cool inspiration here.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a new decade, so why not take the leap and try a new hairstyle too?