The stereotype about men compared with women is that guys are pretty un-demanding when it comes to hair. This might not always be the case, but it’s generally true that customers will often happily stay with the same barber for years and years, without even considering changing. So how can you make sure you keep someone’s custom? These are the key elements that we think are invaluable in a great barber. What do you think? Are there any we have missed?



The first impression

A warm greeting and welcome to a new customer is invaluable. It’s important to make them feel comfortable as some people find going to the hairdressers a fairly stressful experience. Getting the right tone and seeing genuinely pleased to meet the new customer is essential to make a good first impression.


The conversation

Once first impressions are out of the way, the chat when the customer is in the chair is equally important. Listening to the customer, asking questions about what they want and carrying on putting them at ease is essential. Asking about what’s going on in their lives is even better.


The haircut

We all know that a good cut is why customer’s will keep coming back to you. As well as achieving the perfect cut and giving the customer what they’ve asked for, it’s great to give tips on how they can recreate the look at home – whether that means suggesting some products, or some techniques so they can get the look themselves.


Product awareness

As a barber you can advise on all sorts of products for example inexpensive essential oils to treat dandruff. Research has shown that certain essential oils — such as bergamot, tea tree, and thyme — can be effective in controlling dandruff.  Increasing awareness of natural products is a trend and barbers can help to inform their clients about natural/vegan products.



The salon

This is really part of the first impressions that we have already discussed. It’s important for people to feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door. From the first glance it should be obvious that the salon is clean and well laid out, and that all the barber stations are kept tidy too. This is all a reflection on the barber and their attention to detail.


We’re sure you’re a great barber and tick all of these boxes. Are there any other key elements to a great barber that you think we’ve missed?